How Can I Find SSBBW Singles?


Are you a single SSBBW who is searching for other compatible singles? It can be an extra challenge if you’re a super-sized BBW, or BHM. Many people like to stick to their own culture, but the regular dating sites seem to have almost too many choices. It can take time to sort through all the profiles just to narrow down people by race and shape.

A SSBBW dating site is going to be your best option to help you to find other singles, and makes it a simpler process.

Here are 5 ways to find compatible SSBBW singles on a dating site.

1. Attend church. When was the last time you attended church? Many couples have actually met each other at a church. Not only are you finding someone who is within the same faith as you, but it offers a positive environment where you can socialize and chat with other people. And if you’ve been faithfully attending church every Sunday but soon run out right after services, the next Sunday stay behind and mingle with the congregation. You never know when you may meet someone you like.

2. Ask friends. Do you ever meet some cute SSBBWs or BHMs through your friends, but don’t know if they’re single or not? It can be embarrassing asking someone their marital status. If you’re shy, ask the friend who made the introduction. And if they don’t know, they’ll be able to discreetly find out for you.

3. Sign up for SSBBW dating. There are a few popular websites for SSBBW dating. You can sign up to meet people like you. A singles site will allow you to sort through profiles of other SSBBWs or BHMs to find people who are interesting to you. You can message people through the system to see if they want to chat with you. This offers a safe and discreet way to screen other singles until you can find some great people to meet for real live dates.

4. SSBBW singles events. Check your city’s event listings. There may be some singles events where you can get out and meet people. Also check local bars and nightclubs for singles events. You may be able to find events in your local newspaper, or on event listing sites for your city.

5. Adjust your jewelry. Many people wear rings on all fingers, even if they’re single. This can confuse other available singles. You’re wearing a ring on that finger so you must not be single? So, for both BHMs and super-sized women, remove the rings from your wedding band finger, even if they’re only costume or college jewelry. This makes your status more easily known.

Once you’re open to SSBBW singles events, you may see many more opportunities for connecting to other singles in your city. Try to always look your best when you’re out in public. You never know when you may meet someone at church, the store, or even when walking your dog!


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