How to Find a Date for Holiday Parties?

SSBBW-DatingThere are a wide number of cultures celebrating events in December and January, and that means a ton of holidays parties are coming up. If you’re one of the many SSBBW singles who isn’t currently in a relationship, you may feel a bit lonely attending company and holiday parties by yourself. A date makes the evening much funner. But how will you find a date for that holiday event?

Here are 4 ways to help you find a date for holiday events and parties.

1. Go with a friend. There’s nothing stopping you from attending a holiday party with a best friend. Not only can you keep an eye on each other if you’re out at a bar’s holiday party, but one of you can be the designated driver while the other one has fun drinking. There’s certainly nothing stopping two super-sized singles from heading to an event together, and it  will be more fun when you have a friend to sit beside at the table.

2. Ask a neighbour. Do you have a cute neighbour who always stops to chat with you, but you’ve never had time to have a drink with them? Asking them to a holiday party can be a good way to gauge their interest in you. If they say yes, then you have a no-pressure type of date. If they say no, you’ll just have to find someone else to ask.

3. Sign up for SSBBW dating sites. The SSBBW dating sites will give you a chance to meet other people like yourself who may be big and super sized, but still beautiful. These sites provide a respectful place for screening other singles so you can find the right person to date. You can use them to find holiday dates, or for something much more. People may be more likely to respond to your messages if all you’re asking is for a date for the holidays. And if there’s free food or drink involved, you’ve got a good hook right there. And you never know when you may meet a person in real life that you originally met online and discover that they are the right one.

4. Ask that BHM in the store. BHMs can have as much trouble finding dates as SSBBWs. When SSBBW dating, you may wish to focus on other people who are around the same size as you. They’ll be thrilled that you asked them to your holiday party, and chances are they needed a date too. You can both go to each other’s holiday parties now.

Time is running out, as it’s only a few more weeks until the holiday parties begin. It can be even more important to get out and have fun if your own family lives far away from you, or you are new to town. Start actively looking for a suitable date from among your contacts, or sign up for an online SSBBW dating site. Soon you’ll be having fun, and you never know when someone may want to go for a second date for New Year’s Eve too!



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