I’m SSBBW—Will Men Be Attracted to Me?

SSBBW-DatingSome women are BBW, while others are SSBBWSuper Sized Big Beautiful Women. The dating life can be full of insecurities. Chances are you had a bit of weight gain after the start of your last relationship, or after you had kids. Now that you’ve experienced a breakup you want to get back into dating again. But many women who are SSBBW may wonder whether men will be attracted to them. 

1. Men will always be attracted to women. There are many men who prefer the slender figure and that’s all right, you can simply move away from them. Surprisingly, there are men who have an FA—fat attraction. People can have all sorts of preferences. Men who interested in dating SSBBW can appreciate you for who you are. Perhaps they want a bit extra to cuddle or they find your curves voluptuous. Perhaps they admire your attitude, or they think you must be a great cook.

2. Attraction is more than weight. Humans have something called pheromones. This is a chemical substance that is excreted by the glands. It can trigger a social response in other people. Often the response can be a sexual attraction. You may be attracted to your partner because of pheromones, or vice versa, but others may not understand why. Attraction is beyond the control of the couple in question. You may think you want a slim, tall, beautiful person to marry, but when meeting them, there is zero attraction. If you take a look around you at all the couples, you’ll discover that attraction is based on many variables.  

3. Get a makeover. If you’re ready to try SSBBW dating, you’ll have better luck by maintaining a clean and tidy appearance. You can still do your part in looking physically attractive for men. Book yourself for a pampering spa experience and get your hair and nails done.

4. Tell everyone youre looking. While you may not wish to be directly hooked up to single dates, letting people know you’re single again may get you invited to parties and events. The more social events you attend, the more people you get to meet. As a result, you’ll have more chances of meeting single people and finding future dates.

5. Sign up for SSBBW dating sites. The SSBBW dating site make it easier for you to find someone who wants to date you. Here you can find men who are seeking SSBBW dates. Dating sites make it as simple as possible for you to sign up for free registration. You can then upload profile photographs and fill out your profile with your information and hobbies and interests. Some sites have paid membership that unlocks more features for you. You can either wait for other singles to contact you or take the reins and find available men too.


You can use your weight as a reason to not try the SSBBW dating sites but other women have boyfriends and husbands, so there’s no reason why you can’t too.



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