No Luck at SSBBW Dating? Don’t Give Up!

SSBBW-DatingAre you not only a single BBW but a super sized one too? Chances are you’ve tried the SSSBBW dating scene and failed. You tried to date men from work, you asked your friends to set you up, and you may even have tried some of the big dating sites you see advertised on TV, but at the end of it all, you’re still sitting at home alone on the couch every night.

And yet, you’re not ready to give up yet. You know that there is that perfect man out there for you.

Here are 5 tips to help you onto the next step, when your first dating attempts fail.

1. Take a break. You may wish to take a break from your dating attempts for two or three weeks. This will allow your mind a chance to clear up the worry and anxiety you have been feeling. Often you will be able to think up new ideas to try.

2. Pamper yourself. It’s time to stop thinking about what others think of you and improve your self-esteem. This begins by pampering yourself. Go and have your hair and nails down. Buy a new outfit. Have a look through your closet for things you haven’t worn in a while, but still look fantastic in. When you look good on the outside it will have an effect on your mind. Soon you’ll feel your spirits lifting, and you’ll feel better about yourself.

3. Sign up for SSBBW dating sites. If you’ve had no luck on the big dating sites it may be because the focus is too general, and there are too many people on there. You want to date someone else who is super sized too. There are a few SSBBW dating websites that only focus on SSBBW singles. You won’t get people looking for anorexic women. You may get some average-sized guys on here who love larger women though. A dating site is a lot like an introduction service, taking away that uncomfortable part of the conversation where you must tell someone you are big.

4. Be positive. Remember that no one wants to date a person if they’re negative. You’ll want to curb your comments about how “everyone thinks you’re too fat”, or “you’ve only found men who don’t want to commit”. You can turn your attitude around and think about how the perfect man is out there waiting for you! Or, how you don’t waste your date’s money as you eat every morsel at the restaurant.

5. Dedicate time. You’ll want to dedicate time to your dating adventures. You can’t expect to spend five minutes a day at it and then find the perfect one. When you’re SSBBW dating you need to spend a few hours a day at it. This will give you time to set up the perfect SSBW dating sites profiles.


If you’ve having trouble with SSBBW singles dating, don’t give up just yet. Spend more time with your dating efforts and you soon will find the perfect companion.


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