SSBBW Online Dating: 3 Blunders to Avoid


There's no better way to put it: dating is a struggle. That's made even more true when you're overweight mostly because society paints a picture of us being undesirable creatures. While some of our less meatier friends find it easy  to snag dates, no one would even come up to us at the bar. This is a sad reality because we know that we are interesting enough and are worthy of love.

Living in a very image-conscious society makes it difficult for us SSBBW/BBW singles to date, but it's not highly impossible. Thanks to this thing called the internet (with some places being specifically SSBBW dating sites) as well as the creation of several dating apps, our chances for finding a potential future partner has greatly increased. We only need the opportunity and it has been given to us.

However, opportunities also come once in a lifetime. You try not to mess up but sometimes, it just happens. But knowing the actions to avoid beforehand can help you land a date. That said, here are some of the gaffes you should avoid when dating online:

The misleading profile

Yes, you are a heavy woman so don't try to hide it. It's understandable that you'd want to put out the most flattering photo out there to get noticed. But if “presenting yourself as you are” means going to great lengths just to achieve it, then you may still have issues with who you are. If you accept yourself no matter what, you're not afraid to put yourself out there. While it's understandable that you want to look presentable but it shouldn't require two hours of your time.

You know what works wonders? Crafting a really good profile that not only highlights your interests but tells people about who you really are. That is worth spending time on.

The automatic judgment

Sadly, you might be a recipient of this one – people judging that you're not worth the time because of your size. Don't let these people bother you – think about you. But you also have to be the better person: avoid judging others just by their profile picture.

Let's say someone on a BBW online dating site messages you about being interested. Would you reject them outright because of the way they look? Or would you devote at least a few minutes to scrutinizing their profile to see if it is worth the shot?

The massive self-doubt

When someone classified as “hot” expresses interest, don't immediately think that it's a hoax or that someone's playing a prank on you. While it can certainly be true, not allowing yourself a chance for this to be real is a missed opportunity.

While finding love in the real world is always possible for BBWs, we shouldn't rule out the aid of technology. After all, some of the people you meet online are the most honest and open. Give online supersized dating a chance and who knows, you might just meet the person whose right for you – a lot of people have. Then again, remember to stay clear of these blunders!

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