Safety Tips for Men on SSBBW Sites

SSBBW-Dating-SitesEveryone is concerned about SSBBWs on dating sites but we often forget the other half of the population has safety concerns too. Besides physical safety, there can also be your mental health and your finances at risk. These can set you back when you’re seeking super-sized woman, at a time of your life when dating should be fun not scary.

Men who love SSBBWs may not have the exact same concerns as women on SSBBW dating sites, but it’s still important to focus on personal and financial safety online.

If you’re a man who frequents the SSBBW dating site, here are a few tips to help keep you safe.

1. Be wary of insta-sex connections. SSBBW dates may be interested in sex, but they’re going to want to get to know you first. Be wary if strangers are sending you offers to meet in some remote location to get it on. Chances are you could be the victim of a robbery. Always meet your SSBBW dates in a public location first. Get to know your dates first—there can be some crazy people out there!

2. Block people asking for money. A dating site is not a charity site. You may get people trying to sell you things online or telling you about their “get rich quick scheme”. Others may ask you directly for money. These schemes are often a violation of the terms of dating sites and should be reported. Be sure to block anyone who isn’t there for SSBBW dating.

3. Ask people about mental health. You’re not going to find one person out there who is 100% mentally healthy. We all have our demons that we must cope with. But as you get to know potential SSBBW dates online, do ask if there is anything they should know. Drug or alcohol abuse should be at the top of the disclosure list, as well as time in prison or other criminal offences. Schizophrenia, depression, and personal disorders can also be difficult for people to cope with. While many people deal with these issues and still have successful relationships, it’s important for SSBBW dates to be honest and upfront with you.

4. Don’t disclose personal details. It’s fine to tell your dates that you live in a certain part of town, or that you’re a salesman, dentist, or mechanic, but don’t give them your exact work or living address. This is information that you leave until you’ve had a few dates and are ready for serious dating. You should also keep your phone number and email address secure too. Most dating sites have apps where you can text and send messages securely, all without having to give away your personal information.

With a bit of care and security, you’ll have greater success on SSBBW dating sites. It’s also important to read between the lines of messages and trust your instincts. Now you’ll achieve success on SSBBW sites and meet some quality SSBBW dates!

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